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Meet the creative minds behind all of the design projects

Image by: The President Hotel

Adri van der Merwe

“In my adventure to date, (career is too limiting a word), I was fortunate to have worked on projects in the hospitality, residential, retail and commercial sectors.“

“I believe that design is a delicate balance between art and science to give the optimum combination of visual pleasure and functionality.”

Adri van der Merwe

Creative director

Adri van der Merwe

Creative director | Interior designer

It all started when Adri found interest in home construction and design through watching home renovation programs on TV. Fixated with the transformation of properties from the dull and dreary to the magnificent, she watched episode after episode and in the process discovered her passion for architectural design.

Born and raised in Gauteng, Adri set off to Cape Town to study Interior Design at CPUT 10 years ago.

Once qualified, Adri was fortunate to be mentored and guided by leading professionals in the design industry. Early in her career, Adri received a good grounding in joinery and technical development whilst associated with a prominent joinery factory in Cape Town.

In the last 5 years, Adri was involved in multi-million projects that spanned Sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa, Seychelles and Nigeria. Adri has an impressive list of completed projects and highly satisfied clients. In each of these projects, elements of Adri’s creative input shines through and is a manifestation of what once started off as concept ideas.

Adri heads up, the next generation and transformational Interior Design firm, Anna Giorgina. 

Liezl Olwage

Graphic designer


Liezl has an exceptional creative mind.

As a kid, it all started with her favorite past time, pencil sketches. Liezl earned a distinction for Art in matric thanks to her above-average ability to research the context of the subject of individual creations and as a result, boasts a portfolio that compliments this accolade.

Graduating with a distinction from CTU, she lives and breathes all things Graphic design. 

“I have a great passion for graphic design. In my career, I have delighted many clients with my creative work. I believe that hard work, a healthy dose of creativity and striving to continuously improve is a requirement for good design.”

 Liezl has an impressive list of clients who have their presence announced by timeless and iconic designs. Attention to detail and uncompromising quality can be expected of any logo, email signature or corporate brand identity she produces.

Monique Teixeira

 Junior Architectural Designer


Monique’s first encounter with architecture was when she was pint-sized and accompanied her mom to go investigate the local residential building sites. That is when her passion for buildings began.

Similar to Adri, Monique also grew up in Gauteng, went to Cape Town to study and has not left since.

“I have always been drawn to residential architecture in particular.” In grade 6, Monique would keep a sketchbook with detailed plans of her future house. One fateful morning, Monique’s mom told her that there was an entire career dedicated to the design of buildings. From that day onwards, she had a set of goals that she went on to achieve: go to her dream university, UCT, and study architecture.

Monique has always had a creative spirit and took art to matric. However, she is also logically and analytically inclined and enjoyed AP mathematics. Thus, architecture was a perfect blend of art and science. She graduated matric with 7 distinctions as well as an honours blazer. A hard worker of note.

“I believe the role of an architect is the creative weaver of pragmatic and carefully crafted walls that generate meaningful space.”

“I find most of my enjoyment in life comes from being able to introduce two or more parties to achieve greatness! I understand people very well and I can read who will work well with who to achieve the best outcome. Creativity is my fuel.”

Storm Blight

Business Consultant


Dreamer, unusually enthusiastic, resilient and connector! Storm ensures that everything in the development of the business is taken care of to the highest standard.   


“I love connecting with people and experiencing what they have learned from life and in turn sharing my experience with them.”


Communication and collaboration set him apart from businessmen out there. With a background in operations and marketing, his skills allow him to build systems to achieve every desired outcome.



Chiku Chirwa

Estate & Office Manager


Functionality and perfection, the two words that Anna Giorgina strive towards. Our days are filled with design meetings, a lot of client interaction and organized chaos throughout every project.


Chiku ensures that the office is always perfectly finished and well-kept.


“I am grateful to be part of such an amazing team. I enjoy doing my own thing, making sure that everything is in its place. The hustle and bustle of the office working environment is very exciting to me. Everyday there is something to look forward to.”