La Terrasse Restaurant

Company project: Anna Giorgina Interiors
Photo credits: Anna Giorgina Interiors
Concept exploration:

Since the beginning of time it was believed that darkness and lightness simply co-exist. Both of these natural phenomena are one of the most universal and fundamental symbols known to man.
Darkness has always been known to be a symbol of mystery. Where-as light is widely recognized as a symbol of creation. It is also defined as the element which makes things visible. However, darkness is described as being the absence light. This highlights the idea that there is no light without darkness – they are both inherently co-dependent.
In this project, we want to celebrate these two elements. The interiors will have a dark, moody and regal feel to them which will juxtapose with the light and airy exterior. This careful mergence between these two phenomena is how we hope to achieve dualism at its finest.