SkropToppie Scrubs Room

Company project: Anna Giorgina Interiors
Photo credits: Anna Giorgina Interiors
Concept exploration:

After doing research into ‘SkropToppie’, we extracted three key words which embody the brand: modern, youthful and stylish. These are the words we want people to think when they step into SkropToppie’s very first retail store.

Now more than ever is the time to celebrate our frontline workers. We want this shopping experience to bring just as much joy to our healthcare workers as these scrubs and accessories bring to them.

One way to arrange this marriage between the design world and medical field is to create a space which is functional and practical but also dynamic and interchangeable. In our proposal we will explore some of the design solutions we wish to include to achieve this.

We want to step away from the sterile and clinical and embrace the SkropToppie mindset of using colour and pattern of the scrubs and accessories as the main source of colour. Hence using a nude, natural and white colour pattern to really make the SkropToppie stand out from its surroundings.